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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's practically a documentary.

I mentioned this blog to my friend Anthony, who dug up an old email from me. In his original email, he wanted to know if he had been traded from a team I was captaining to a team Tracy was captaining. You also need to know that the theme of the league was underdog sports movies; the teams were named for movies like Rocky, Breaking Away, Cutting Edge, Coach Carter.

Anthony wrote:
Did I get traded on the DL? I thought I was on your team... I am now on Cutting Edge. (No problem, just confused in this new world of free agency and separate leagues.)

And what happened to Honey? I wanted to be on Honey.


I answered him with:
Hey Anthony,

You did get traded on the DL. Tracy and I both wanted you on our teams so bad. When we were lotioning each other the other day, we decided just to wrestle for you. I did the best I could, but she SO cheated.

I'm sorry. Honey didn't work out. Although she valiantly overcomes her difficulties, the problems she faces are more sociological (with roots in our class and race-divided society, not to mention the objectification of her body and the systemic patriarchal undervaluing of her talent for choreography) than a mere physical contest. We'll keep her in mind for a league focusing on persistent societal problems: Motorcycle Diaries, Salaam Bombay, Bowling for Columbine, Honey.

Hope your ankle is feeling better.


Now I am ashamed that the whole internet knows I saw Honey.

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