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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"He did NOT! What did you say?!"

It sucked this past December, when I finally had to admit that he wasn’t just acting like he wasn’t interested in me. When I got home, I especially wanted to talk it over with an old friend. She’s a sweet good person, so I knew she would do all of the following things:
listen to my story as if it were interesting
laugh at me for being ridiculous
tell me about the time she did the exact same thing
find compassionate motives for everyone involved, while
saying that he made the mistake of his life.

We see eye to eye on most things, so I wasn’t surprised that we agreed on the moral of the story. “You know,” she said gently, “we all play every role at some point.” I laughed and laughed, because I had just thought exactly that. Only I said it as “Everyone’s bitch to someone.”

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