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Friday, February 10, 2006

Mi casa es su casa, guapo.

If you have been to my house a few times, it is very likely that you know where I keep the emergency key. As I show people where I keep the key, I explain to them what constitutes an emergency. It is an emergency if you are in Midtown and would like a beer. It is an emergency if you are in Midtown and have time to kill before your next destination. It is an emergency if you are driving to Tahoe and feel hungry. If you are Chris, it is an emergency if you need another CD player for your Space Party.

Jean-Michel is the only person who has really internalized the purpose of the emergency key. He lives in Davis with his girlfriend, and last summer it was easier for him to come here after work and before practice. I completely loved walking up to my house and seeing him on the porch couch, reading one of my books. On one occasion he surprised me, coming out of my bathroom freshly showered and dressed, when I hadn't known he was here. What a great precedent! I love the idea that beautiful men break into my house to shower. I can't think of a better use for the emergency key.

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