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Sunday, October 29, 2006

See you in a couple hours! Soup's on.

My crew came by while I was out. When I left, my porch had three pumpkins. When I got back, seven. I love that.

I was out getting boughs of fall leaves to decorate my house. My ex-best friend used to call that "theft". Maybe I should have taken that as a warning signal; why would two good friends use such ugly words between them? I prefer more lovely words, like "harvesting". What could be more natural in this season, I ask you? The political among us might enjoy another phrase I sometimes use; I was 'liberating' those branches. I know my economist readers, and the branches themselves, appreciate the great leap in utility they've just enjoyed. Before, they were just another branch on a city tree, blending with the other reds and yellows and greens. Tonight, they'll be displayed and admired. I do it for them, really.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

inter-personal comaprisons of utility are notoriously difficult: that between humans and trees even more so!

who is to say that the leaves wouldn't have been "happier" left alone or with more of their own kind (other leaves)?

Sorry, couldn't but help laugh when you used the word 'liberating'. A bit like the Iraqis being liberated! :)

Maybe the ex-friend was on to something when she used the word 'theft'...

12:46 AM  

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