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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fall League tournament tomorrow.

I loved, loved, loved my league team this season. My 'no assholes' draft policy was a huge success. We had great spirit, moved the disc well, spread the scoring around. However, my prediction for tomorrow is that we won't be in the finals. I'm hoping to go 2-1.

Nope. 1 and 2. It was a fun day.


Blogger Dubin said...

Sorry for being a tard, but what does that mean? 2-1? 1 in 2?

7:30 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

That's a win-loss record. The first number is wins; the second, losses; the third (if there is a third) is ties.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous ptm said...

Congrats. I'm with you on the drafting policy, and usually try to draft my own team just so I can unilaterally enact it.

Then again, this fall was the first time in years I haven't drafted, and my team was super fun and went undefeated. So maybe I'm not such a great GM.

Also, here in Salt Lake fall league ended six weeks ago and it's ski season.

8:31 PM  

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