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Monday, April 03, 2006

Better than a telenovela.

It’s been all boys and sex and pottymouth around here the past few days, but how long can that hold people’s attention? It can’t even keep my attention, not compared to the new intrigue swirling around the Los Osos sewer project. Every few months there is a headline in the water news about Los Osos, like a surprise, beautiful, gift-wrapped present for me!

This story didn’t focus on how the Regional Water Quality Control Board is forcing homeowners to pump their septic tanks. This story was about a Superior Court decision that the Los Osos Community Services District can’t use money from a state sewer construction loan until it settles the claim against it from the contractors from their last attempt at a sewer system. Los Osos CSD had received the first $6.4M of a $135M low-interest loan and is using that to keep their legal department afloat.

They really need their legal department right now, because they are in the middle of fifteen separate lawsuits. Now, I have no idea how many lawsuits occupy a community services district during normal operations. While I imagine that lawsuits do come up for most districts, I bet they don’t include a suit against the state to keep the $135M low interest loan that was revoked when Los Osos announced they will not be building a sewer, a suit protesting $6.6M fines for water quality violations, and a suit against them by the two contractors they jilted last time.

I can’t help but think that at least one more suit is coming their way. They fired the woman who handles their finances for “behavior problems”. It is possible that in addition to everything else that is going wrong for the Los Osos CSD, they also have a nutjob bookkeeper who runs around the office doing crazy things. But it seems at least equally likely that they fired her for testifying that they still have $3M left of the original $6.4M dispersement which they could return to the state or use to start paying back contractors.

I told my boss how I’ve been following the Los Osos sewer project and he told me that Los Osos has been fighting these sewers for thirty years! This controversy will outlast his career. It could keep me company and entertain me for decades. I love it.



Anonymous Yogesh said...

...boys and sex and potty mouth...and now sewer projects?

This blog keeps getting dirtier and dirtier and I keep coming back for more.

Btw, is this the special treat?

2:50 PM  
Blogger Reb Dastard said...

A tale of deceit, betrayal and... sewers. Awesome!

Oddly enough, when I drove through Los Osos about 5 months back it seemed a perfectly well-adjusted spot in the middle of nowhere.

Probe just below the surface, and I'm sure the boys and the sex can be smoothly integrated into the plotline. Perhaps for an encore? (bonus brownie points for bringing in our recent ahemm... sousing weather).

5:49 PM  

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