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Friday, June 02, 2006

Nine of Cups would be good.

My friend Andrew hosts Solstice parties twice a year and I always look forward to them. Andrew is sincere and kind and genuine; I have to watch my mouth around him. I’ll make some snarky comment and he’ll be sad that I could say such a thing. Then he’ll resolve to think the best of me and love the humanity in me anyway. I can watch the whole process on his face. Since Andrew is sincere, his parties are sincere and I have found that I very much like two of his traditions. Every Solstice Andrew puts out prayer paper and lovely pens. If they want to, guests write down the parts of the past six months that they don’t want to bring with them into the next; when we burn the prayer paper, the smoke carries them away. Andrew also buys a deck of Tarot cards. We each pick one to predict our next six months. I find that I always have something from the last six months to let go and that the Tarot card I pick is spot on.

My first Tarot card was the Scholar. I didn’t want it because I thought it meant I would have to finish my Ph.D. program, but instead it just meant that the last few months of my master’s/law program would require more work than I had ever done. I don’t remember the next couple cards. But I found out about my ex and my ex-best friend on November 10th (not that I remember exactly or anything) and you just know that I filled and burned reams of prayer paper at Andrew’s Solstice party in December. I was hopeful when I picked my Tarot card, but when I turned it over, I’d picked the Five of Wands. I didn’t know what that meant, but the card helpfully explained that “the people you love and trust will betray you” and “conflict will surround you” and “small irritants will combine to form insurmountable obstacles.” I’m not inclined to dramatics, but in front of all Andrew’s guests I started shaking and then burst into tears.

Turns out that when you fall apart in the middle of a party, what you exactly want is a sincere and kind host. He took me outside and sat with me, and we burned the Tarot card on the brazier for the prayer paper. When we went inside, everyone was discreet and considerate. To this day I get a hug and kiss on seeing Andrew; every now and then, he’ll ask in an undertone if my heart is whole.

Andrew skipped the next Solstice party, claiming he was busy getting married or something. At the Solstice after that, to my great relief, my Tarot card told me I’d be getting this job and that I would have a good six months. He just sent out the invitation for his summer Solstice party and I’ll be there for sure. I’m hoping my Tarot card for the next six months predicts romance, or at least some action.


Anonymous ed said...

But do you REALLY want to know? Especially if there's nothing you can do about it? Maybe it's like those old Greek Oracle things. Fate's already made up its mind, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Trying to avoid something bad will just make her mad. And if something good is going to happen, would you want to spoil the surprise?

12:13 PM  
Blogger capella said...

The human mind loves order, and something like a Tarot card could lend structure to an expanse of time that might otherwise seem undefined and unorganize. I don't think people who read their horoscopes look for predictive power per se, either, so much as a way of thinking about what's going on in their life that might make sense.

8:05 AM  

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