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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My co-worker has pneumonia and my boss has another meeting. I will be running our public comment workshop by myself this afternoon.

I regret that:
  • My co-worker has prepared an elaborate PowerPoint presentation with lots of superfluous graphics, and I don't have the time or authority to change it. If Tufte knew, he would leave me.

  • I have not been paying as close attention to this topic as I might, 'cause I thought other people had it handled.

  • I'm relieved that:
  • I have no fear of public speaking.

  • It is a sophisticated audience.

  • We (me?) are giving the same talk tomorrow in LA, so I'll see you guys on Thursday.


    Blogger Megan said...

    I'm outta here. Y'all can just go ahead and have a fifty comment thread without me, like you did last week. I'm so over that, by the way. I didn't feel left out at all.

    10:26 PM  
    Anonymous roonie said...

    Ah, not having a fear of public speaking is totally invaluable! I don't fear it either.

    12:09 PM  
    Blogger Spungen said...

    Random thought (just checked Roonie's blog): Are there any women on the Internet who didn't go to law school? Wait, there are some in academia ... and some in writing. So those three fields.

    If you just learned about women from the Internet, you'd think that's all we did when we weren't being porn stars.

    1:26 PM  
    Anonymous jens said...

    When in real life, we all know that your activities are much more like in those "Spring Break" videos.

    My wife's college roommate is now a cardiologist. I first met her when they were trying to determine whether my father-in-law was braindead, and the only neurologist qualified was on vacation.

    After the introduction, when the cardiologist had moved on, my wife whispered: "She once beat me in a wet T-shirt contest."

    1:45 PM  
    Blogger Roonie said...

    I wish I hadn't gone to law school.

    1:07 AM  
    Anonymous jens said...

    Wait - did we just miss a perfect chance to denigrate and beat up on each other without supervision?

    5:47 PM  

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