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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She's awesome.

From today's Savage Love:
I'll never forget the day my mom found my porn magazines. She never confronted me; I simply lifted the mattress one afternoon to find my precious Penthouses gone. In their place: Sunset magazine and Good Housekeeping. It was a reminder that (1) I needed to do a better job of hiding my porn, and (2) that she wouldn't have found it in the first place if she didn't have to clean my damn room for me. It was the most effective nonconversation we ever had.

It isn't exactly a physical solution, but it is super excellent. I'd be dying of laughter as I substituted Sunset magazine.

Back in the day, my seven year ex was at an adult bookstore when he noticed he was getting the eye from a guy standing across from him. My Asian-Am ex was sorta flattered, sorta put-off and then genuinely creeped out when he saw the guy was reading Oriental Guy magazine. I have to say, the editors of Oriental Guy magazine knew their niche. It was spread after spread of nekkid Asian guys playing Nintendo, posing in basketball shoes, leaning over their slammed cars, using some electronic gadget. They all had neo-Tokyo bangs falling in their eyes (it was the mid-nineties).

After that, we regularly discussed my subscription to OG magazine, but it was left to the listener to wonder whether we meant Oriental Guy or Organic Gardening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did something very similar as a teenager -- though my motives were, um, questionable at best. I found my *father's* stash of porn and tossed it all out.

What, was he going to ask me where all his porn went?


4:17 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

But why would you throw out your Dad's porn?

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because I was 15, and even more passive-aggressive than I am now.


12:17 PM  

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