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Saturday, August 11, 2007

After CitP, we saw bats leaving their colony.

This great local band, the Alkali Flats (which is also the neighborhood lower than 16th and about H St) does a show every year or two. They play country songs and invite anyone to come up and sing the vocals. Country Karaoke, it is called, and man it is fun. They get a lot of ringers, singers from other bands, who come up and belt out their song. They get a lot of pure amateurs, and then it is great to watch them slow the tempo and cue the singer and look over the singer's head at each other and grin. There's that first inhale for every song, when you don't have any idea how it is going to go. Everyone gets lots of applause and whistles, and if they aren't so strong, the crowd sings the chorus extra loud. It is a fun, fun night.

The Alkali Flats played at Concert in the Park earlier that evening. That show, they did less country, more gospel and old timey music. I was raised on that; I know dozens of those hymns. I sing along to the ones I know and sometimes to the ones I don't know, 'cause the rhyme schemes are so standardized. It isn't hard to guess what is coming next. Didn't expect one I heard tonight, though. I'd heard the rich girl/poor girl/my girl format before. But I'd never heard:

Rich girl uses vaseline
Poor girl uses lard
My girl uses axle grease
But she takes it twice as hard


Blogger jens said...

A friend of mine gave me some more when I asked:

Charming Betsy

Rich girl rides in big fine car
Poor girl does the same
My girl rides in a model T Ford
But she gets there just the same.

Coming round the mountain charming Besty (get her boy) [or "get it girl"]
Coming round the mountain Cora Lee (poor thing)
And if I never see her again
That good gal remembers me.
Rich girl lives in a big brick house,
Poor girl does the same.
My gal lives in the Nashville jail
It's a brick house just the same.

Rich girl wears that costly perfume
Bow ties and fancy cloths
My gal wear her old overalls
With the strings hanging down to her toes

Rich girl uses Vaseline
Poor girl uses lard.
My gal uses axle grease
Cause she takes it twice as hard.

(it's a drinkin' song....nuf said!)

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Underwear Ninja said...

I know of two bat colonies in Sacramento real close to work. One I just found yesterday and you can get real close to them. Close enough to hear them chirp if it's near their breakfast time.

5:21 PM  

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