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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sepak takraw is pretty incredible too.

I wrote that big long post, but it was boring anyway. I just watched the Smooth E ad campaign from Thailand, which is so super great. In the first one, they filmed my conversation with Sean! Seriously, it’s like there were cameras in the room. In the second one, she turns all pretty and girlie. I haven’t gone to that kind of trouble yet, because I am still hoping to win gentlemen over with my huge vocabulary and my fine, fine prose. But now I understand the process! If I do find an mtf transexual to show me how to be a girl and track you down to the sepak takraw court, I fully expect you to walk by your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend to pick a pink rose for me. I can’t wait for part three, when we go everywhere with balloons. I would never faint at the end, though, unless maybe the girl clothes are constricting my breath. Part four went well too, but my guy friends don’t harbor secret crushes on me. Just my girl friends.

The ads reminded me that I saw the best music video of my life when I was in Thailand. There was a boy and he loved a girl. She was very pretty, but she was sad. She was sad because she watched her entire family, mother and father and adorable baby brothers die screaming in a house fire. We watched that with her, so we knew why she was sad. Because he loved her, he wanted to make her happy again. So he tried to do nice things for her, like bring her flowers or carry her books. But she just turned away, sadly and beautifully, every time. He was very much in love and kept trying. One day, while they were walking through the market, he bought them ice cream cones; she ate hers sadly. When he had only the cone left, he caught the eye of an adorable market urchin, and he held the cone to his head like a hat and the urchin giggled and he laughed too. He looked at the girl he loved, but she was turned away again.

Oh no! Had he reminded her of her adorable baby brothers, who burned to death as we watched? Had he no heart, sharing a lighthearted moment with the market urchin, while she was sad all the time? He reached to apologize to her and she turned back to him, smiling and holding her ice cream cone to her nose and crossing her eyes! She smiled at the urchin and the urchin laughed and the boy was so, so happy that she wasn’t sad anymore. Just as he smiled with joy and relief, she stepped off the curb and a truck SLAMMED INTO HER AND KILLED HER. They showed that five or six times, so we could be sure. I may never see anything so good again.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ananda said, except that y'all have an interesting view of the imagination of the married man. I'm here to tell you that at least one of your married (non-gay) guy buddies thinks of you in ways that are a lot friendlier than just friends.

Not that they would act on their fantasies, of course, but we're talking about secret crushes here.


8:24 AM  
Blogger Rob E. said...

Your video description reminded me of another blog on another site, which I tracked down: Little, Yellow, Different. See "How to tell if a music video is from South Korea."

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was expecting to find something about sepak takraw, but couldn't find any. did i miss something? *grin* i play sepak takraw btw :D

8:57 PM  

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