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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So much for sisterhood.

Of the ladies in the engineering girl gang, Margie is the most technical. I can follow most explanations, and Excel is my sweet, sweet lover; if you want a methodical, clean and accurate problem solution, Tracy’s your girl. But I think we all agree that Margie has the best engineering intuition and is the most hardcore of us. She brings that to everything she does, so when she decided to sell her house, we knew she would take a very rational approach.

Her rational approach led her to interview a few realtors, but she didn’t like the results of her search. She’s lesbian (which I don’t get at all, because she is totally pretty enough to get herself a man) and would rather hire a woman or even better, a lesbian. But the ones who came by hadn’t prepped or spoke in upspeak or apologized all the time. Margie showed up at lunch disgusted. "I didn’t just hire a man," she said. "I hired The Man. Fortyish WASP. I can’t believe my seller’s commission is going to The Man. But he was prepared and professional and the others weren’t."

"It might turn out for the best." I consoled her. "There are lots of big numbers involved in selling a house, and it’s important to get those right. You’ll want a man for that."

"I know!" said Tracy. "What if there are interest rates or present values? Those are complicated. Better to leave them to a man."

"You know what?" I asked, "If you have a man to do the hard numbers part, then you and your ladyfriend can focus on the important things, like whether the pillows match the paint colors when you show the house."

"Or if the flowers accent the pillows and the paint!"

"If you have a man realtor, he can tell you about the house you are looking at. You know, if anything that needs to be fixed."

"Better yet, he can just call your Daddy and tell him! Then your Daddy can call you and explain what the man-talk meant and what you should pay someone to fix your new house."

Tracy and I weren’t done, but Margie was. She made fun of some very personal things about me and Tracy, and threatened not to help us when we’re stuck on some difficult calculation. We stopped ‘cause we knew we’d need her help someday. Just like she needs a man to sell her house.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is totally pretty enough to get herself a man

Since you are totally pretty enough to get yourself a man in normal circumstances, you need to clarify. Pretty enough and doesn’t talk about furry lobsters or pretty enough even if she talks about furry lobsters.

1:55 PM  

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