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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anand says bye too.

Hey folks.

My visit is over and I had a wonderful time meeting you. I had great conversation after great conversation. Your hospitality meant that I got to see beautiful places and sleep comfortably in the houses of friends. I am incredibly lucky that my blog introduced me to so many of you.

I am sure now that I'm done with From the Archives. I'm not done with the friends I've met here, so please come meet me out in the world. At this point, I owe you guys a porch with snacks, a stay in the woods, a helpful ride, a place to stash your stuff for the afternoon, good restaurant recommendations, a delicious dinner with a view of fireflies, a chat over ice cream, a long walk, a tour of my city. You should come claim your share of that. I know this spot on the river...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Philadelphia Wed night

Hey y'all,

You guys up for a potluck? Dubin says we can gather on her beautiful porch. That sounds perfect to me, so I hope you guys will come over. I'll make some food, too.

Email, please, to let me know you'll be there. I'll know from your grammar and punctuation that you are not a crazy person, and send you the address.

Looking forward to it!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Fresh Salt tonight

The real Megan has foolishly given me the keys to her kingdom to pass along an urgent message. I regret a little bit that I don't have the time to fully take advantage of this situation right now, but duty calls. So here's her message minus false information or impersonatory mischief:

Megan would like you to know that she's on a later bus than planned and expects to arrive at Fresh Salt between 6:30 and 7 pm. Go see her then. (And bring a flower. She likes flowers.)


Friday, June 06, 2008

Even more plans

Hey friends.

It was wonderful to meet hk and Dewb in Boston. (Nathan! We missed you!) They've maintained the streak; I like everyone I meet through here. So I'm looking forward even more to meeting you guys next week.

Sunday - Amherst/Northampton.
Monday - Uncertain arrival time in New York, joint Unfogged meet-up at Fresh Salt after work.
Tuesday - also New York. The morning and lunch are booked; after work I'm leaving for Philadelphia. Afternoon, anyone?
Wed - Philadelphia, morning with Witt, aft free, then lets have a bigger meet-up for dinner. Action item: pick a dinner location in Philadelphia for us.
Thurs - uncertain departure time to DC. I have dinner plans, but am otherwise free.
Friday - DC. Lunch plans, but am otherwise free.
Sat - head back home.

I don't have much internets, but intend to keep these plans. I'll check in as I can, but would love for you guys to make decisions without me.

I'm looking forward to it!