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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anand says bye too.

Hey folks.

My visit is over and I had a wonderful time meeting you. I had great conversation after great conversation. Your hospitality meant that I got to see beautiful places and sleep comfortably in the houses of friends. I am incredibly lucky that my blog introduced me to so many of you.

I am sure now that I'm done with From the Archives. I'm not done with the friends I've met here, so please come meet me out in the world. At this point, I owe you guys a porch with snacks, a stay in the woods, a helpful ride, a place to stash your stuff for the afternoon, good restaurant recommendations, a delicious dinner with a view of fireflies, a chat over ice cream, a long walk, a tour of my city. You should come claim your share of that. I know this spot on the river...