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Sunday, July 22, 2007


It was rather an amazing evening on YouTube. It started 'cause I don't have a car anymore so I don't listen to the radio, so when I saw that Rihanna has a new hit, I was bummed I hadn't heard it yet. I went looking for her song Umbrella and was completely disappointed. Why would that be a ten week hit in Britain when Pon de Replay is about twenty times catchier and funner? From there, I remembered SOS, which I am not ashamed to love. The video is boring, but the song gets props for resurrecting Tainted Love for me, which I really thought I was done with. Lots of my friends are nostalgic for 80's music, but I listened to it lots the first time. I don't need to hear it again. Bored with the SOS video, I thought I'd check whether the Pussycat Dolls song Buttons was any better. It doesn't live up to that catchy beat underneath and is instead a lot of half-dressed women dancing all over things. Whatever.

Disappointed, I switched to something I knew wouldn't let me down, and Christina Aguilera, you truly are the talented one. There's a reason you have a future and Britney doesn't. If you haven't seen the Dirrty video, I'd say she defines the skank dancing genre. I have no idea how many times I've listened to that song, but if you're looking for something for your work-out mix, I strongly recommend it. You might think you are tired half an hour in, but then Dirrty comes on, and you remember that at any point, you might be the lead in a warehouse girlfight and dance off, and Dirrty gives you the strength to keep training for it. I like the song Can't Hold Us Down (which will also never let you down during a workout) better than I liked the video, which was apparently filmed somewhere very warm. Her video for Candyman is fantastic, better even than the song.

That was fun and made me wonder what something authentic would look like. I listen to the Andrews Sisters all the time, but I was stunned at how good "Gimme Some Skin" was:

I should have known. Every time I hear that song, I wonder if they didn't really introduce the notion of high-five to white 1940's America. Maybe they really were explaining about this new greeting. We are teaching my 18 months old nephew high-five then knuckles, because nothing is cuter than toddlers doing age-inappropriate things. After the Andrews Sisters, the Puppini Sisters were fun. Stick with that clip. My sister told me about them.

Dance videos took me through the dance scene in Little Miss Sunshine (and I am so glad that exists in the world) and Spiderman and the one in Napolean Dynamite. But I knew what to expect from those. I didn't expect to come across the dance scenes from Pride and Prejudice set to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Dirty Dancing seems to bring out the best in people though. Here's another fantastic version, silent olde style. This couple did a great job with the final dance from Dirty Dancing, but I loved this one more. I am suavé like Antony, don't you doubt it. This was also a particularly great first wedding dance, although perhaps I am partial to whitegirl, shorter Asian boy couples. Had we married, there's a pretty good chance our first dance would have been very like that. The Michael Jackson brings me back full circle, 'cause I took Defective Yeti's recommendation, and watched a 1500 Pinoy inmates dancing to Thriller to start the evening. They are a musical people.

Finally, it doesn't fit the dance theme, but I would be a bad friend, no, a bad person if I didn't tell you to watch the chase scene from Ong Bak.


Anonymous HC said...

You know what would go with Ong Bak and dancing?

The dance scene from Kung Fu Hustle.

Great fun following the links; thanks.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Thelonious_Nick said...

I'll have to check and see if there's any Bob Dylan on YouTube.

7:16 AM  
Blogger arf said...

"Umbrella" is really a great song. With so much garbage on the radio it's nice to listen to something where the music and lyrics work, and it has more than just one line of words repeated over and over again.

Oh, and it's not misogynistic which helps a lot too.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Really? I got nothing from my first listen through, and I've loved her other songs immediately.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous NotATurtle said...

I listened to the Rihanna songs for the first time upon reading your post, and in the order listed. After five hours that Umbrella song is *still in my head* ("eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh eh eh"), which may explain why it is such a big hit. Hopefully it will go away before I have to twist a cork screw into my temple.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Why aren't we talking about the Ong Bak chase scene? Here. I'll do it by myself.

Phhhhhht. He's not that athletic. His hops aren't all that. Who can't hurdle cars?

Oh, yes they are, and besides, he's pretty.

I can see that.

Me too.

I preferred Ong Bak to [this other esoteric Tony Jaa film]. At this stage in his career, Tony Jaa compares favorably to [some other unknown martial artist].

Megan loves the Asian boys!

When I go hiking in dangerous wildernesses, I hurdle avalanches and it isn't such a big deal. He's not that cute.

[Some poem]

3:02 PM  
Blogger Noel said...

Just watched the chase scene...

Friggin' awesome! I'm extremely envious as well. Not only does the dude have pretty awesome hops, he's got flairs and other mad gymnastic skills.

I regret that I do not have the surplus of time to attain this level of skill.

1:48 AM  
Blogger susan said...

Those truly are some mad hops. No doubt about it.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Dubin said...

Me too.

Bwa ha ha!

10:54 AM  

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