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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I go where the people need me.

Yesterday, the taxpayers needed me to go on a river float down the Yuba River, to see salmon spawning, to look at a dam and think about removal options, and to look at a potential flood control project. The dam was nothing special. I’ve seen better. The salmon were way cooler than I expected. They’re so damn big and strong and fast. My abstract appreciation for them hadn’t done them justice. But the mind-blowing part was the story the geologist told us. He’s the Abandoned Mine bureaucrat for the west and I wanted to listen to him for hours and hours. He was in the other boat, but I heard some of it…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't go watch salmon every year? I could never get enough. I particularly recommend the kokanee run up Taylor Creek out of Lake Tahoe. In deep holes they congregate, and you can see a bright zone right before their tails, in contrast with that shining red (not dark brownish-red like the chinook). They are a tourist attraction with a path and a viewing house, but if you keep heading upstream, there is more to see. Even though the people stop, the salmon don't.

A4, who thinks it may be too late this year.

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