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Friday, February 15, 2008

And more than a little tingly.

Wow. You sure make a lot of friends when you put mildly smutty stuff up on the internet. Did you know people like that? They're kindof better friends than you guys, too, because lots of them are naked and they put pictures up! You guys never do that for me. They're all hott, my new friends. Every last naked one of them. Well, maybe not this guy, but we disappointed him too, it seems. It wasn't going to work out, I guess.

Anyway, thanks lots, all of you who wrote me a little story to tide me through Valentine's Day. That's the sort of thing that makes a blogger feel warm and cared for.


Blogger Will said...

Nobody told me that we could post a naked pic of ourself! Darn it!

Oh well. Maybe next time.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Noel said...

Hmph. No one sent me nekkid pictures of themselves. As for the dude who couldn't get it up, it isn't our problem.

2:04 AM  

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