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Friday, March 28, 2008

Movie, anyone?

Anyone want to go see a movie? It is the perfect movie, with underdogs in an alternative sport battling it out AND Asian boys dancing. I could die just thinking about it. I told my friends it was a documentary and it had subtitles, but they're all being far away or otherwise lame. But you aren't far away or lame, right? Movie this weekend, or tonight, in Berkeley? Email me, OK?

UPDATE: YOU SEE?! It would be like this, only international and FOR REAL. I hate every one of you who didn't go to this movie with me this weekend. Why are you living your life wrong?


Blogger Noel said...

Oh I'd be there if I could...

5:50 AM  
Anonymous HC said...

Alas: far away. Also, possibly, lame. Some other time.

It turns out that blueberry jam, honey, and a microwave permit one to improvise a surprisingly delicious blueberry syrup to go with pancakes or french toast. Wish I could take the credit for it. Is there nothing that honey does not improve?

12:49 AM  
Blogger Noel said...

I'm sorry I let you down Megan. I just couldn't afford the air-fare.

But I'm not living wrong. I practiced breaking for two hours yesterday. Unfortunately, I still suck, but I suck less with every passing day.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a little tricky to coordinate (and pay for) flights to get to berkeley in time for the movie

don't hate me

save the last dance was on tv this weekend


8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of why we're living our lives wrong, did you see the article in todays NYT "Did Your Shopping List Kill a Songbird?"

It's got a strong reminder to eat in-season, local fruits and veggies.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous jms said...

I just saw it last night. AMAZING. I could have done without about 12 minutes or so of the filial melodrama, but overall, I loved it.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

This gave me my first genuine smile on this hungover morning.

Thanks for being overaggressively enthusiastic about everything. I don't get enough of that.

8:14 AM  

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