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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good reminders.

I hauled my sick self to a day-long class today, where I made out with a bunch of strangers who never did anything to deserve getting smallpox from me.

The class was in facilitating complex meetings; I really enjoyed it. It reminded me that I am not actually doing the work I want. I've got the good set-up right now - great boss, being in the engineering girl gang, short walk to work. But we're just running a grant program, and giving out money isn't like doing interesting work your ownself.

In a perfect world, I would be some high-up policy maker, on account of how I know how everything should be and I am always right all the time. In a different perfect world, I think I would like to be a mediator for highly complex environmental problems. I'm good with that pansy shit about listening and feelings and validating people. But even more than that, I am one of the few people in the room who truly understands when the dorks are talking. I can speak dork in like four disciplines.

I went home for lunch and read the Internets until I was almost late. So I got out my bicycle that I haven't ridden since I fell off and broke my arm in September. It was so fun to ride my bike again! I totally forgot that you can zoom everywhere and get there fast.

The last thing I was reminded of was store-bought whipped cream. Someone left a canister of store whipped cream here after the OH! party. I don't make whipped cream much, but when I do I get heavy cream, and I don't add much sugar, and I'll add vanilla or rum or cocoa and hand-whip fancy-dancy whipped cream. That stuff is good, but it turns out that the canister stuff is too! You can make designs! I had whipped cream and chocolate chips, and I didn't miss the rest of the sundae at all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't lose sight of that career goal.

Dreams are too easy to lose.

There must be a way to get from where you are to that job, negotiating and making complex decisions and tradeoffs between engineers and other stakeholders.


10:00 AM  

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