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Sunday, February 26, 2006

OH my.

We threw a freakin’ rager here last night. I haven’t thrown a party that good since the first fall league party three years ago, and I was sick then too. That fall league party came a week after I found out about my ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. I was sick with the shock and hurt, exhausted from playing four games in the fall league tourney, and coming down with something that turned into two weeks of pneumonia. I would never have gone to the party if it weren’t at my house, but it turned out great. Knowing I was sick took away my usual feeling of hostess obligation, and the fatigue and Vitamin I made me giddy and spacey. The prettiest boy at the party had been through something similar and decided to keep me company the whole party, which cemented a solid friendship. (He slept over too, but the fucker slept on the couch, which cemented that friends is all we would be.) Anyway, the house was packed, fruity drinks were drunk, people looked great in small clothing, and the dancing started right back up after the cops left.

I’ve wanted to throw another party like it, so I was thrilled when Roxie and Ali committed to co-hosting. The theme was OH!, as in ooohhhh yeaahhh, OH! face, Off the Hook, and OH!rgy (and not Ohio, like some people thought. Why would we throw a party about Ohio?). My throat hurt and I had a fever all yesterday, but once again, the party was at my house. It started off right, with a guest I didn’t know well being helpful and funny and spontaneously making fun of someone I don’t like. Everyone got half of one of these rOHmance novel covers, and had to find the person with the other half. We enforced food orgy rules -no utensils and you can’t feed yourself. The dancing started early and went ‘til 2:30, thanks to DJ Parkour. But maybe the best part was that lovely Ali brought some erotica over and people did fabulous readings. The music set-up included a microphone and Nehal would introduce a reader every hour or so. There were hook-ups.

The whole party was awesome. I’m tired and sick today, but my house is restored. The people who have come by for their leave-behinds all say they had a great time. I know I had a great time. I hope it doesn’t take another three years for it to happen again. I hope you’re at the next party. I hope I didn’t make too many people sick, what with all the feeding and dancing and maybe some making out.

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Blogger Cladeedah said...

So the real question on all of the minds of those not fortunate to make it = Did you get some?

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