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Friday, January 19, 2007

No polyester curtains.

Fortuna sent me over to this incredible tableau. I love the dedication. It reminded me that I used to go to an annual gingerbread house decorating party, where we used graham crackers instead of gingerbread and candies for ornament. The first year, our gingerbread double-wide was very well received, likely for the attached redwood deck, the floss clothesline with clothes, the gingerbread truck up on blocks in the yard, with licorice black gummy tires stacked to the side.

The next year, we did a tragic re-creation of the sinking of the oil tanker Prestige off the coast of Spain. Blue icing for the waters, green and brown for the rugged coast, a precariously balanced gingerbread half tanker, gummy fish, sharks and eels floating belly-up, and finally, a coating of chocolate syrup. Claudia and Brian's jailhouse, with different vignettes in each cell, including one that was not appropriate for young viewers, got more attention that evening. Everyone said it was sooooo amazing, but I say that if you are going to use power tools at the gingerbread house decorating party, you better make something amazing.


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